“Best Electric skateboard the Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard Review”

Episode #40 The Incomprehensive Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard Review”
Save some money for Christmas with a little discount on this awesome board.

I reference a video in which someone shows you how to charge the battery while still inside the board. He just informed me its not a good idea to do it that way.

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Sadly LA California Kid says:

The exertion raptor 2

J says:

dam sick video shooting/editing skillzzz.

by the way i was told it’s not a good idea to charge with the battery still in the board. I want to say it’s just to be safe no internal electronics get damaged if there were to be an electrical surge or something. Personally I take the battery out because the board is in the garage.

Rome LJ says:

I thought I had taken this board off my list until I watched your video, great job on production and detail!

James Thomas says:

you are nailing it… I appreciate your candid observations, as well as your comparisons w/ competitors… After cancelling my Evolve GTX order, I bought the Inboard yesterday.  I think remote is state of the art, unlike Evolve’s firmware that is not upgradeable unless one sends it to their headquarters. Since I already own a OneWheel Plus and grew up near Santa Cruz, I am fond of the hub motor phenomenon. I like how you synch your clips w/ SciFi movies clips sounds, etc. You might want to do a review of the Raptor someday….

Scott Tarlow says:

My inboard has broken down 6 times since june – I’ve had 3 different ones. Their customer service is great, but the board itself is not up to the rigor of daily commuting. This is the experience of most eskate enthusiasts. You are also using an older version of the board, which has open motors. The newer version has closed motors. You are pretty light (140 pounds) so its sorta believable you get 7 miles or so per charge, but most people get around 5-6. Also this board does not go 24mph. In perfect conditions it can get to 22mph, but usually the board struggles to get past 20 (i’m 160 pounds). I really like your video style and all, but this video comes off as an add and not really a customer review. You find very few inboard riders with many miles on their board (over 500), and thats for good reason. Boosted on the other hand is a much more durable board. If you want an expensive toy the inboard is a lot of fun…. but if you are looking for a commute board, belt driven boards like boosted are going to be more durable. Evolve is another company that almost has it right, but their remote quality is terrible with disconnects and they use cheap batteries and get terrible voltage sag. Really the most reliable boards on the market are the Boosted, Mellow and Arc Boards.

justforthetv says:

Great video, I really do appreciate it. Was debating between this and boosted

Miraja Design says:

Chad, this was a great review. Much more in-depth than a lot of other Inboard reviews. I submitted this video to StumbleUpon. Maybe it will go viral. Good luck.

justforthetv says:

Lol I try not to say this but damn everyone reminds me of Casey

Mason T says:

Sweet review man, good to see someone pointing out that each board has different purposes! People are knocking this board way too much and not appreciating it for what it is. I’ve got an Evolve GTX and am getting this as my next! Each serve their own purposes

James Tai says:

i  fking laughed out loud when hes talking abt the remote controller “spaceship”.

Tommy P says:

Great review! Just wanted to ask if you have ran into any issues? I saw some people a few months back talking about disconnects and some other issues. I been following Inboard since the Kickstart announced and I’m looking to get one very soon! Would greatly appreciate the feedback! Thanks.

Jason store says:

Advertising total garbage give people the right specs about the inboard M1 and stop being a douche.. the inboard M1 is total crap the battery only gives you 3.5 miles and top speed is only 18mph I weigh 155 lbs. The inboard M1 is totally for kids Child’s Play a beginner board for rent not for sale plus it has a number of problems and safety issues upon breaking, the board should be recalled or should have never been released. It only looks good and that’s it

Sadly LA California Kid says:

The enertion raptor 2, the Acton blink s2, and the Acton qu4tro

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