Best ELECTRIC Skateboard Of 2017? – Juiced Board Review ⚡️

Best NEW electric skateboard of summer 2017? Meet the Juiced Board. Absolutely loved my time with it, and it’s can be easily compared to a Boosted Board in a lot of ways. It’s not perfect, but is very close… Please leave a like, comment and subscribe if you enjoyed the video.

Juiced Boards:
Juiced Board Single:
Juiced Board Dual:

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Sluske123 says:

Last week I tryed cruising on a small skateboard, and really got into it. I was going in circles on a basketball course, trying to learn how to steer. Going fast still kinda scares me, I just can’t imagine going 20mph, bit I would sure like to try. 😀

nayef AL-khanbashi says:

the best electric scatbord is boosted bord everyone know this .

owenc4d says:

I’ve always wanted to plug my printer into my longboard!! That’s seals the deal for me, instant buy!!

Roomierplanet says:

Wow! Loved the outdoor style for this review.

Jack_Cydia says:

The boosted board 2 is water resistant like the juice.

Jared Busch says:

dope job on the video man! perfect golden hour timing too!

Zach Dubos says:

Boosted is water resistant, even with the belts.

Jack_Cydia says:

Nah the boosted board is better

Amplify says:

I’m saving up for the other boosted board, ( the one that Casey has ) so I can ride it to my school. At the moment, I have $560. I might just buy this one.

ezekiel cruz says:


Paul Bradford says:

Been looking for an electric skateboard I could use with my printer, looks like this is the one for me! Great review Isaac!

IvanGarcia says:

this looks dope. early squad wya?!


Insane canoopsy bro

inknet32 says:

This is Casey Neistat’s porn.

Monwey says:

still cant bloody afford it

Fried Chicken says:

You should have hit us up over at AA Torque Systems! We can definitely outperform Juiced and Boosted!

TechLineHD says:

Awesome shot when you and the car were riding at the same speed. Great review!

DailyTekk says:

I just plug in a USB cord and let it dangle while I ride… nice vid man!

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