BEST Electric Skateboard For COLLEGE – Acton Blink S-R

Is the new Acton Blink S-R the best electric skateboard for college students? Today we take a look at an e-board that’s small and portable, has a decent top speed, and is priced priced at a college student budget. This is my unboxing and first impressions.

This Board:

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Ale Vidal says:

Glad to see you are uploading videos again, Ronnie! Travelling to Argentina any time soon? 😛

Keith Welker says:

I have an s2 for sale cheap

ashdonfx. says:

I broke my wrist about 3 weeks ago on my boosted board. healing really well and should be out of my splint in about 2-3weeks. Won’t quit riding though 🙂 Keep up the great videos

furiuskiller 6 says:

You are backk

Kritex says:

Can you do a Backfire G2s review?

Olakanmi Adenekan says:

Was sup

Liam Soons says:

Happy b-lated birthday and review the meepo board for campus and I planned to get a meepo v2 for Christmas and happy holidays hopefully able to join the e-skate squad

TrapHouseTV says:

I can’t believe after all the boards you have covered you are recommending a Acton board to people. SMH I’m so disappointed in you. People please don’t buy a acting there are much better options for your money.

Music x Tech says:

I have acton but im selling it to buy ownboard :p funny thing is Acton is more expensive…

cobyveron says:

This is one great Skateboard to be honest

Matenesis Vlogs says:

Are you ever gonna do a giveaway?

Thanks for taking a pic with me at vidcon btw

Daniel Larkin says:

Love the content Ronnie. Keep up the great work

Powerblading says:

If my blink s2 promises 15 miles, only gives me 8 miles on a good day, this promises 7 miles so u get 3 miles? Speed wise my blink s2 does hit the promised 18 mph and sometimes 20mps on full charge.

daniel han says:

Great video! Keep it up Ronnie

Lee Wright says:

So sweet of you Ronnie! Man, what a legend.

Olakanmi Adenekan says:

This comment just wants likes

thaOFK says:

Yo man get yourself a milesboard! Would to see a review from you

DDrey says:

Don’t stop making a video ronnie!!

Helen Pillai says:

I wish I had one u need to do another giveaway lol jk

Heinz tee says:

Great video Ronnie. Always a treat watching your skateboard videos!keep it up kabayan

Chris James says:

have a great holiday Ronnie

Things You Might Like says:

Ronnie. Since you work with ownboard maybe you can help me out. Their c1s deck snapped on me {which broke my wrist, but story for another day) and they said they’d hook me up with a new board since their weight rating failed. That was 4 months ago and I paid $50 to send a board back to them. Is there any secret to speed up the process? They said they sent it to Juan in Corona CA to refurbishment. Any insight or help you can provide is appreciated!

Laszlo Siba says:

Ronnie, at that price you can get a Boosted Mini, that is superior to this thing every way possible

Helen Pillai says:

I’ve been waiting…

The Lepricon says:

Are you gonna review the Bustin Dualomo board?

Kuba Pawlusiewicz says:

Review the NLS MEEPO

Adventures in Skateboarding At 40 Plus says:

Is there a reason you are not promoting the stoke board?

Helen Pillai says:

I’m moving to Williamsburg and would love this for my new commute one day

Nathan Pham says:

He’s bacccccc

m3000 says:

Cool video, good looking out for your bro

Jacob Vazquez says:

I have been watching your videos for a while now and always loves your content.Hope you have a great Christmas

SleptOn says:

Eh not trying to mess up your message but if you like this board the meepo CAMPUS is $300, gets up to 18mph and range of 13 miles…


Helen Pillai says:

Plz do another livestream I really enjoy watching people real time and would love to see an un edited irl vid

lampree says:

I’ve owned the original Blink S. Decent board for the price, but ended up completely dying to a tiny splash of water. Replaced it with a Boosted Mini S and never been happier. If it’s your first board you’ll love it, but know that Acton’s customer service is complete garbage.

ronnbizzy says:

What a stand-up guy looking out for his mates. Yo, where’s Andy at too?

Brent Hale says:

why do you ride everything but boosted?

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