Best Electric Skateboard 2017 – (May 2017)

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Evolve Carbon:
Enertion Raptor 2: – – – !100$ OFF!
Acton Blink: – – – !15% OFF!


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Miro Capka says:

Maybe we can collab, i’ll be getting a OneWheel+ soon. But I don’t know if you want to review it. I’m in the EU, like you.

Preston Mcmurtry says:

I’m getting the blink s while it is on sale for 499

Leon Florian says:

Blink S2 weight 7 kg in real ! not 5,4 kg !!!

Pablo Garcia says:

check the linky skateboard

Dustin Schneider says:

Got any ideas about the onewheel +?

Raghad Sabir says:

what is the best electric skateboard from these ?

MikeimInternet says:

I love my Carbon GT!
Because u can change from All Terrain wheels to Street heels as you say. And the Board has a Range from 30km(All Terrain) to 50km(Street wheels) It also looks great in my Opinion and goes up to 43km/h with Street wheels. And it´s very stabil at high speed! greetings PS: I think the other Boards are good Boards too, i like them all!

Adolf Shitler says:

LHB Scarlett, raptor 2 and the evolve GT series have the best performance on the market.
Stary(is it a myth?) blink and bolt are best for portability
Boosted and evolve bamboo are best for flex
Evolve carbon gt, raptor 2 and bamboo Gt(upgraded battery from LHB) are best for range
Evolve get series, raptor 1(no longer in production but they exist) and mellow are best for versatility and customisation.
All in all evolve seems to have the upper hand here, but the one true perfect board that outranks any other, is a custom diy build.

javier marrerro says:

Check out the new Halo electric skateboard

Gary ZHANG says:

Hey friend, How can I contact you? My whatsapp : +18203692631 Thank you

Gabriel Del Pino says:

Nice video but raptor and evolve have the same length and portability problems that the boosted board, 38 inch deck, but think this, with a great range you won’t have to lift up your board, and a plus to the raptor is handles

leo liang says:

Hi there, good videos , have you heard of koowheel ? what do you think of that ?

Doresia K says:

hei Arne , do you know tranceboard? are they good? thanks

AllUnDon says:

Thank you for a great video summary of some of the more common and sought after electric skateboards/longboards that are out there. I also appreciate the work you put in on the comparison website.

famuzz says:

your speakers are waaaaay too close to your screen.. you know magnets and screens…

Alexander Kolaas says:

norsk? eller svensk sverige

peseg lilies says:


bdog111 says:

Dude, your shirt is trippin’ me out man! I don’t get why you think the raptor 2 isn’t for commuting… I’ve pre-ordered one and I’ll be riding it to work (5 mile trip) as much as possible (even in the winter, when the paths are dry).

Miiao Imur says:

I move for No man….

עידן רז says:

do a budget e skates review.. these are 2 expensive…

Péter Koronczi says:

halo board 🙂

Double D says:

Any thoughts on the carbon fiber Halo board with the built in hub motors? I keep hearing it’s one of the best boards. I just wish it had a interchangeable battery

sky boss says:

anyone who had issues with carrying skateboards look up unity backpack

Nuth34d says:

Fuck commuting in every possible way, I want insane fucking high speeds.

Bartosz Plewa says:

hehe pajac

Kader Yacoubi says:

Evolve Carbon GT All Terrain, is the best of all boards.
It’s the fastest, most powerful with duel brushless motors, and by far the best range ever.

Trust me. buying this board, you won’t regret it.
Buying any of the other boards…well, you’ll probably cry when a GT Carbon goes launching past you with that loud turbo sounding twin motors.

Jeroen Kuppens says:

too bad they’re so expensive 🙁

Lefteros SomniusX says:

Maybe a video about electric unicycles?

Stephan G. says:

Buy Koowheel for 599

Michael Jenkins says:

Haha I have the same corsair PC case and the same Yamaha speakers as you.

Jed Teng says:

im looking for outdoor board that can roll over small stones on the road or get over a bump

Riad Ahmed says:

buy 45 km/h 30mph range one only

Xiao Wang says:

How about foldable linky

Joos Lemos says:

Interesting that the ZBoard 2 is not on this list… it would blow these remote-controlled skateboards *out of the water* …

HyperJon says:

So you’re reviewing these E-skateboards, but don’t actually own any of them?

tyler lopez says:

pimp my set up would def rate ur setup pretty high

andre sousa says:

They are very expensive, how useful is it?

Koowheel E-scooter says:

You should add ours.
Koowheel electric skateboard.

Mo says:

Musstest du Steuern zahlen als du dein Boosted bord bekommen hast ?

Kable10 says:

What do you think the best board would be to get to school in back (Less than 5 miles)

Tranc3Swift says:

So far doing the research on YouTube and watching people using the electric boards, the leaders in Budget Skateboards – KooWheel D3M v.3; Performance Skateboards – Enertion Raptor 2; Portable (Travel) Skateboards – Lou 1.0/2.0/3.0.

I personally own KooWheel D3M now and will be buying Lou later this year for travel.

Fufualan Zhu says:

I’m still too loyal to boosted boards

Yancy Garcia says:

marble board I want to buy but idk if it’s good

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