Best cheap electric skateboard of 2018! 6 months using Ownboard w1s review

Ownboard makes some of the best value option electric skateboards of 2018. Check them out here-

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Mic used –
Camera – Cannon 700D
Action camera – GoPro sessions 5


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williwonti says:

Sounded like someone slaughtering a pig

biohazardjackson63 says:

Ooooo that 80’s music

Sean T says:

Only having 250 watt motors is a bit of a shame…. How would you compare them power wise against your Evolve board guys? Asking because I’m nearly 100kg…

Chris Croft says:

All these eboards have a low max load, why can’t they make one for bigger people

Spartacus FPV says:

Hope you feel better Stu

Thomas Marrity says:

What gloves are those that he’s wearing?

TweetFPV says:

Nice intro!

Jace Branham says:

Hey stew any chance you could review the one wheel or a good euc like ninebot or inmotion’s? I’d love to hear your opinion on those!

JohnnyD RC says:

Pretty COOL there Stew, but I think I would stick to my Scooter I can get up to 14 miles, 20mph and I can go off road, if I could stand up longer than 10min you wouldn’t be able to get me off of it. Great video on your board that looks like a blast. JohnnyDRC

Ethan Porter says:

I never thought I would say this, but…… This channel has become rubbage. Time to unsub

FuseFPV says:

Love the timing of this. eSkates are why I don’t have any money to spend on my quads right now (and it’s partially your fault for showing us the scooter a while ago).
I’m not sure which is more addictive. Haha

If you ever find yourself in Atlanta with time to kill, drop me a line. We’ve got a decent little community coming up, and there are always extra boards available.

Chris Neru says:

I had to get the more expensive board. Evolve carbon GT. It’s a blast

Paul Riggs says:

Can you guys get us a discount ?

Mr High says:

I want one

Kenzoid says:


Shelby’s Subtitles says:

Hi mr Mac when u coming back? – Shelby Gardas

rftrat says:

Stu , What is grumpy riding. I want to see the upgrade on his electric shopping cart.I want to know how big his battery is and how for is his range. What store did you guys swipe it from?

Dreamer 111 says:

To find new locations I use an ebike I build. Old bike with a chinese hub motor and old lipos.
14S 30A
55 km/h
Cruise control
2,35″ road tires
Silent, fast, a joy to ride

UAVfutures says:

so many parallels between skating and flying. If you are interested this is a great board to get into the action with at a great price. link –

BuzzCola 3 says:

It’s kinda big and heavy for 3″ FPV quad.

And it doesn’t even looks like quad

Drachen596 says:

Whats the quad with the 5 blade orange props?

Ben Sweetnam says:

what! not a drone……. cool board stu

superhotbm says:

I have one, runs great! No regrets.

Silvio Camejo says:

I wantt

Savage FPV says:

Look up trampa electric boards look sick

Ethan Porter says:

I use to love this channel. I looked forward to it. I just want a channel where they do a brief summary of a quad. Then show footage. Not a 20 min breakdown, then 5 min flying. Then 10 min showing other people’s reactions. Im glad you all think it’s good. To me it’s not what it once was. I wish stu nothing but success in all his endeavors, I just won’t be watching.

Ash R says:

You ever been stopped by the cops on one of those yet? I’m looking to buy one as my office is moving into the CBD, so I can follow the Yarra bike trail all the way though.

Prence says:

I have a lot of stairs in my local park, so I want to know how it does at climbing stairs? lol

Calm down it was a joke. Nice review, I have been looking for a electric skateboard for a while, going to be looking into this. Thanks for this video. Cheers!

aaron smith says:

did he say should we go have a burn at the end? as in a smoke?

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