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In this video, we take a look at a cheap electric skateboard for under $150. To me this cruiser style electric skateboard is perfect for kids, beginners, or those who are on an tight budget. Don’t expect a lot of power from this, but for smaller trips, or doing tricks, this thing is awesome!


Ancheer electric skateboard (NEW VERSION):

Skater’s IGs


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Anonymous Feather:
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Reds Bearings:
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Romain Mackowski says:

Is it using an atmel microcontroller inside ? Maybe i will get one board to reflash it and add some features like solar charging , real time battery level displayed by bluetooth on my phone etc . Nice video !

gnasty1993 says:

does it really go 25mph?

Toe Toeknee says:

Nice board. Should epoxy an aluminum plate on the bottom if you plan to grind the Board.

Gage_Music says:

Im 80lb is it a good board for me

Six297 says:

Hey. Check out kierans new video you got featured in it. Also cool video

skitball 0 says:


David Cieslik says:

how much does it cost?

k bote says:

i’ve been looking for a channel who reviews e-sk8t board, good thing it’s a recommendation, New Subie!

Anita G says:

Is this the board that braile skateboarding bought on Amazon and didn’t work?

Ho Gaius says:

Is this the 2200mah or the 4400mah and is it still surviving? What is your weight though? Accoridng to many reviews, the battery dies within a month or so?

Twelve O’ says:

Where can I get one of these???

G.O.A.T_Gaming says:

Do you think you could do a backfire g2 vs ownboard w1

Linkmindz says:

Ur in dc? I’m in baltimore. Lets ride sometime!

Un .k says:

Well I just bought one for transportation then doing tricks

Arturo España says:

Is it still working

Nicholas Kuczek says:

It looks like they copied the diseign of the swagboard but changed the battery box and the deck

Joel Teo says:

You should try this! I think that it’s gonna be great on your wall!
Also sick video!
And the lens was fine

EllY PALILEO says:

I see alot people complaining about this board, because once dies then it wont charge back. So should I still get this board?

Dhany says:

Are you look like Asian

Gavin Li says:

audrey moore rec center!

Ho Gaius says:

Is this board able to bring on flight? And is it possible to remove battery from skateboard?

Christian’s Biking says:

Is that Wakefield park I live like 10 minuets from there

John Mcenna says:

I guess my grandma would like this… 🙂 Nice board for airports. Great vid as always

Kage Ambler says:

I bought one and it stopped working within 3 days, the lights come on but no connection apparently?

Toe Toeknee says:

Did you put a link for the wide angle lens?

Arne Bornheim says:

nice video – surprised the board or motor didn’t break with all the tricks. And a board like this has a place for going places that you’d otherwise walk to and now you can get there (a little) faster

Myles Ratcliffe says:

How do you get all these electric boards!? I don’t even have the money for one

hennessey ruppert says:

what app is that to see how fast you go

ALL IN ONE says:

hi. i’m going to buy this skateboard so is it good skateboard? battery lasts long? and have good speed, control and riding range? thanks in advance

Kenzo Cindi says:

We’re can I get the cheapest electrical board

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