Best Cheap Electric Skateboard. Blitzart Electric Skateboard Unboxing and Review

Hey YouTube whats shaking today I got a super awesome electric skateboard up for unboxing and review. This has to be the cheapest electric skateboard at only 250 dollars. If this is not the cheapness electric skateboard then it is definitely the best cheap electric skateboard. This Electric Skateboard is made by blitzart and this is their limited edition thunderbolt model. Blitzart makes alof of other electric skateboards as well so I you like the longboard shape like a boosted board or a penny board size deck they have that too. This video was not sponsored by Blitzart I bought this with my own money on This Electric Skateboard has on brushless motor in the wheel instead of the belt drive electric skateboards like the boosted board. This little board claims it can go a max speed of 17mph and has a range of 16 miles. So I am gonna put the specs to the test and see if they are stated accurate. I will be getting a dual motor electric skateboard in the future to also review. If you wanna buy this model in the video it is limited edition but here is a couple of them left. or on ebay here
There are other good models by blitzart too so check them out.
Mini Flash- Entry Level model
Fishtail Model –
Longboard Dual Motor best model –
Blitzart Website
I had tons of fun making this video and you will see more of my blitzart electric skateboard in the future. Thanks for watching please drop a like you guys are awesome.
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T WW says:

hi dylan

Prem Kondekar says:

first comment

Jake Poole says:

You should hide the remote and go next to some bikers struggling up a hill and just cruise by and record their reactions.

TheSwagKid07 Lopez says:


Stupid idiotic Retarded hoe says:

are u polish?

That Neon Channel says:

I need that kind

Deadwood Pt2 says:

Cruising by your old work “t wax” on the board hahahaha

yoyo auldey says:


Ivan trickshots says:

you can tell Dylan is exided because he was going fast unboxing and he was out of breath

Ivan trickshots says:

when you turn you have to be as good as Dylan to turn the skateboard

Jon Maravillia says:


NetBoy says:

next up, YoYo tricks while at speed 😛

george aura says:

I saw 300lbs max

Sherbert Head says:

This was sick. Really liked seeing you out and about and the path was really cool. This thing looks like a blast.

This Guy says:

Happy Father’s Day Dylan kolansky

danny youngster says:

can you do ollies?



That car dude says:

When he was going down that hill he had a need for speed!!

This Guy says:


Baazallmighty says:

first yoyos, begleri, fidget spinners, electric accessories, now electric skateboards

SMOKER says:


no shit sherlock

glenn subakti says:


That car dude says:

Nice man!!!! That board is sick!!! To bad they don’t have kits to make your own Electric skateboards

Samuel Boldt says:

dude you are asum

Darius Chavot says:

Always been more of a longboard guy because i like to use my skate to get around. Only thing is in France we don’t have long straight roads like your bike track so i have an old school like skate, basically a longboard the size of a normal skateboard

Titanium Alloy says:


This Guy says:


Jeremy Park says:

Dang, man – looks so fun!!!

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