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Adri Dwitomo says:

When i get my Meepo i’ll be testing it out on the rough streets of Jakarta. Now that will definitely be a challange for the Meepo. Awesome review ma dood!

Kieran E-board says:

Thank you for the informative review. One motor slow down before another is because the tolorance of the assemble of motors varies. This is not normal, but normal and can be observed on all meepo boards.

Mr covert says:

Helmet man. 1 hit on the head is all it takes and your life will never be the same again.

naanunnai says:

Han please wear safety gear helmet. Safety is number one priority Bak kata crazy Russian hacker. Good review #kipidap

miXy _aF says:

rm1700 very cheap…..;-;

Megat Heikal says:

how to buy?

Lachie McF says:

A helmet is cheap life insurance.. please wear one

Hazmi Halid says:

Style gila comparison at 5:20

Muaz Malek says:


UltrasGiGi says:

urmm.. kalau dipikirkan balik.. berguna board ni sebab jalan kat malaysia banyak 80km/j je boleh.. tak guna ada moto laju² tapi takleh bawak laju.. minyok and lesen pun tak kaco hahaha

Epolrazi55 says:

Bang Han, Lucro PC ade hantar pc overseas tak? Kalau boleh bolehlah order nanti kerana kat Brunei ni semua benda hampir 2x MSRP

Attarsanah Resources says:

Visibility is the key to road safety

kalcubemaster says:

what is this?
this is malaysia.
you are malaysian right?
where your bahasa melayu?
melayu is a national language !

good review han <3

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