Best budget Electric Skateboard – Boosted Board Alternative !

Koowheel – Cheap budget Electric Skateboard with good Quality: or
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Music by Joakim Karud
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Diego Marquez says:

This board is only $200

musikdoktor says:

A very very very bad copy of Casey Neistat..

Trips In The World says:

Hey brotha, I have a DIY esk8 channel I think you’d appreciate. I hope you can stop by and consider supporting. Happy esk8ing!

hardcornelson says:

Try out the Evolve Bamboo GT… 😉

Mustapha Kobeyssi says:

Hey if you can give 5 mins of your day PLEASE check out my channel

superawsomegamer123 says:

dude im 10 and i way 150

Dmitriy Steps says:

Casey wanna be? lol

Demento says:

KooWheel Longboard Electric Skateboard Boosted

Joel Cedric says:

i wonder if they can make the board recharge the batter when it’s going downhill. you know, like the way tesla cars do it?

Akash Turna says:

If anyone is interested then they can use this link to buy the board from the Acton official website :
It gives you 15% off your order.

Lion Lime says:


Evan Olbricht says:

Subscribe to me and I will subscribe back. Sub for sub

Arvin says:

So muuchhhh Casey Neistat. Lol.

priMe_oVer says:

Are you German ?

therisingphoenix00 says:

Probier mal n Evolve Carbon Gt Street oder das neue Evolve One .
Definitiev nicht Budget aber ” worth the money in my opinion “

EVONick Gaming says:

Nice review!

just me says:

omg cringe… u can’t, u really can’t wear a beanie and sunglasses. #makeitstop

Dab* says:

How much does it cost ?

Crown Wheel says:

Like us Win Free Sample in alibaba:

Hello,My friend,this is Jerry from Jointech,we have some new eletric skateboard,and we want find business agent all over the world!Crownwheel C4 Climb 45 Degree Testing Vedio:2017 New Fastest Dual-drive 50km/h Cheap Electric Skateboard 1200w
other item pic:
Crownwheel C4 Climb 45 Degree Testing Vedio:2017 New Fastest Dual-drive 50km/h Cheap Electric Skateboard 1200w
other item pic:

Yusuf Amin says:

You guys(or girls) should try the electric skateboards at
The have good boards for a good price. Check it out if you like.

jacob caceres-wright says:

dat mall grab tho

Tele Biscuit says:

You look like a fucking retard

Jack Dempsey says:

Everyone’s ripping Casey Neistat! LOL, a world of unoriginal sheeple!!!!!

Emil The Singer says:

Hey dude i can solve ur problem with the slow driving turn of the skateboard and then press 7 times on the skateboard to unlock speed limit 30-40 km

dumbuddies says:

would have subscriber but trying to hard to be Casey Neistat

Larry Taylor says:

push the power button 7 times and it puts it in a faster mode but once the battery goes down to 50% then it goes into Eco mode

Roanz says:

“Candy” swan approaches*
Jokes on you lol

BadAshism says:

Adrenalin Junkie…. NICHT!

Justin Wong says:

er fährt ne Scheisse Volvo

Robert Himself says:

how much is it?

ItsYahBoyyy says:

U rly shouldn’t say retard.

But I forgive yue

wupeide says:

Neistat’s influence has changed the world of youtube – but this stuff is also great

209chevymon says:

i got candy for u! that was creepy!!!!

Jason Carroll says:

Fuck neisat!

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