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I know im not good at doing reviews ok!? Im sorry i tried my best! Hope you guys still liked it! 😀


MiniMatthewGaming says:

great vid

Niclas B says:

Before buying, check the facts about the board on on Reddit. A lot of people have issues with the board at the moment.

Winston says:

Theres no diggling in it

John Siryana says:

anyone still waiting for their board after getting a tracking number? My board has been pending with UPS for the past week…

Buk Chao says:

It says that it has 15 miles id that true?

Dylan says:

I only got like 11km on pro mode which is pretty bad compared to advertised range. The vibration is bearable but noticable for sure. Should get better with time to my understanding. The reason the range is bad is because they changed the battery from a 6.4a 230wh, to 4a, 144wh which is very upsetting and is causing lots of fuss on Reddit (mentioned on another comment). I’ve done 32kmh maximum. How’s it holding up at this point?

UzuMaki NaRuto says:

Damn I really like this board and want to buy it, but now with the downgraded battery and much less range and also these vibration issues, I don’t know what to do now. 🙁

Also I’m wondering how long did it take for the board to get shipped to you after you ordered and you said that it was about 600 CAD? And also PLEASE wear a helmet dude and stay safe. 🙂

Marie-Li Roy says:


Jol Rs says:

1:36 when you hit your brother and he starts crying for your mom

Fabien De Lucia says:

Hi and thank you for your video. Where did you order the board ? I would like to order one for me as well ? Thanks

Jany Blanchard says:

Woaaah looks like so much fun!! 40 km/h, be careful you!

Beast mode 5 says:

How long did it take to get to your house ??

OryxN says:

Notification squad where u at ?

MCPERyan | Free GFX says:

How did you get this board?

electric_potato says:

Sick man

The Real Kamal says:

Keep it up man! Amazing work!

Alex Frenette says:

*If you have any question about the board let me know in the comments!*

indyjons321 says:

1:30 Well that backfired….

r3n387 says:

hey nice video =)
i have some questions about the bfv2
speed: did u reach 40kmh? some people just get 30kmh..
range: can u get 25km in eco mode? again some people say they can only go for 10-11 km in eco
deck: did u order the red/black deck with the galaxy grip? or is it random what u get?
hub motors: many guys have problems with the hubs.. they spinning off balance.. do you have this issue too?

Cesar Bermudez says:

Count how many times he says “like” and win a prize!!!

Fabien De Lucia says:

Never mind, I just saw someone asked you the same question. Thanks

Bearded Gamer says:

Shame there’s no digiling in it…. I heard those are the most fun.

Ashlynn Rodgers says:

Do you know if it’s safe to travel with?

Britney Peters says:

Yay you finally got it!!!!! Keep it up❤️❤️

Fatal Leigh says:

That guy at the end checking out your sweet wheels! LUL! Not going to lie that board actually looks like fun! Hmmmm… maybe i should get one and we could start our own gang!

Martin K. says:

Thanks for The review and the quality video

Charles Gwynn says:

Subbed! Nice vid

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