Backfire 2 VS Koowheel Onyx Gen 2 | Cheap Electric Skateboard Comparison

In this video, we compare and review two of the best budget electric skateboards in the market. We test them for top speed, range, and hill climbing. Although they have a cheap price tag, you can get pretty premium performance out of them. If you had to choose between one of these boards, what would you pick?




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Anonymous Feather:
Paris 180mm trucks:
Reds Bearings:
Arbor Mosh Wheels:

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Panasonic G7:
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ZC Capture says:

Thank you, this greatly influenced my decision

Miguel Perez says:

Team Backfire all the way. From the video it seemed that the backfire did accelerate faster than the coolwheel. The remote is definetly better since it does give you more info and it looks nicer. And tbh my problem with the backfire it that it brakes to much lmao. It might be because of Im not used to it yet. But yea team backfire ftw

Robin Schaefer says:

Both these boards are shit. Hub motors are trash compare this to evolve gtx

Zangetsu Zanpakuto says:

Finish the lyric: PINOY AKO ………

Charlie Pooch says:

Sorry for all the questions lol. But how come all the other reviews say the koowheel has 25 mile range?

Matthew Squibbs says:

Great video Ronnie. Any idea what the problem on my trucks could be?

Backpack says:

hey ronnie, just subbed and just wondering, have you seen this board called the halo board? it looks pretty cool because its 100% carbon fiber and it has pretty similar specs to these two boards. Check it out if you wouldn’t mind.

General Marketing Service says:

Just about the most efficient review anyone has done. Seems like backfire is the better buy especially with a more flexible board. However i like the bigger wheels on the Koowheel which probably ride better on rough roads. Thanks for thinking this through.

Niedrix Tabuzo says:

Haha. Im new to your channel and i dont know when your video come up daily. I only watching vloggers and youtubers that is like you because here in philippines , some vloggers are exposed to bad words. Anddddd you are not clickbaiting.

rva musiclover says:

I ordered a Backfire yesterday actually. I had wanted an electric street board but wanted the best for cheap and it seemed like the right deal to go with. I own a Mototec 1600 watt off road that is super heavy but has big tires and is very fun to ride, and me and some coworkers built a frankenstein that is scary fast but making it a chain drive I fried the esc and have to make electronic adjustments. I appreciate these reviews big time and great job making the videos so professional! Thanks from the RVA here.

Ryan Lee says:

Ronnie, what is the best Sub $350 Electric Longboard (Minimum 10 Mile Range.) for someone just wanting to try out electric over standard longboarding?

Shimmer says:

Ayee dope vid Ronnie. Hoping the market makes these electric skateboards a little cheaper some day D:

Divyesh Shringi says:

Backfire it is.. but one problem no shipping to india?? I will have to pay a bit extra… thats fine.

Brock Wolfe says:

Ronnie I really liked your normal longboard trick vids with the feather. No offense but I’m kind of getting sick of the eboard vids.

Freezing says:

Team backfirrrreeee, getting mine by xmas

Jason Brinson says:

Backfire 2 vs meepo v1.5 sanyo batt vs wowgo2 with 6.6ah batt vs DIYeboard dualhub one he has. I am looking at those for christmas and can not decide I am 6’2 290 pounds. Which one do you think I do not want voltage sag at all, or should I wait for the ionboard X?

Aleks B says:

These people always ALWAYS, have the same exact type of music playing at the beginning.

Colin Deskins says:

Loving the vids but #teambackfire

Bill Myer says:

The speed is bullshit, i’ve tested my koowheel gen 2 onyx and get up to 24-26 mph multiple times

Joe Bob says:

PLEASE DO BEST BUDGET FOR RANGE!!! I don’t care about anything else except price and range

ItsLiam says:

great comparison as always 😛 I was wondering though; does your backfire have the infamous wheel vibration issue?

Charlie Pooch says:

Hey so which do you think is smoother? i think I’m getting the koowheel because of the 20 mile range and the giant wheels. do u think i should

John B says:

Hey Ronnie, nice vid. I just wanted to point out that you can get a Lectric LS for $499 from their website

It has the same motors, trucks, remote and esc as the Backfire. They do however use a different battery, enclosure and board setup.

You should reach out to Levi and do a review on their board.

Jan Akermann says:

But the Koowheel has swappable batteries, so you can double or even quadruple the range.

Ervic Aquino says:

Loving the videos. I went with the Backfire and will hopefully have it by January.

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