Backfire 2 Unboxing & Review

In this video I unbox, test, and review the Backfire V2 electric skateboarding with my son Walker. This day was a blast! Big thanks to Backfire and the channel PRESS RESET! This board is available now at Next month it will be available on Indygogo for 100 bucks off. When I get that link Ill add it here! Thanks for watching!
Quote from Press Reset “Versus the other competition in it’s price range, this stomps on everything ride wise. Genesis is $450, Koowheel $549, Yuneec $500, Liftboard $500, Benchwheel $500, Acton $400-$800, Melon $700-$800 (Backfire v1 clone), Buffalo $700-$800 and I am willing to bet, the Juiced board $450 with it’s tiny little e-wheelin toy motors. It’s a HUGE step up from the Backfire v1. It’s not a Boosted, and there is no APP, but this is the closest FEEL to my Boosted v1 that I’ve ridden yet. It feels like a push longboard, but rides like a powered board. That’s what makes it such a nice ride. I hope this thing holds up in the final review, because I am going to beat it up hard. This will take the Williamsburg Bridge no problem. I’m almost 9mi in day 1 already.”
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Agung Budi Prabowo says:

I just ordered one from, how long it will take till i get the board, cause i just can’t wait to ride this. oh i live in Jakarta, Indonesia

Smelly says:

Scary on that high setting 😛

Dleov 464 says:

Walker is so cute

Jamesbond Quinones says:

had eny batteries issues?

JCookGaming says:

Where did you hear they are selling them on indiegogo for 100 less in September ?

Toysome Reviews says:

Did you get a warranty?

Crypto Maniac says:

Should I buy this or a boosted board? I cant decide, cause boosted is good quality and good customer support.

Soul Wax says:

Such a good dad and person in general brother. I wish nothing but the best in life for you and your family buddy!

systemA says:

Any problems with charging your battery?

Neil Sauve says:

Hey Bro…I am pretty horny to get that $100 bucks off on Indygogo…any news on that yet?…if this thing is as awesome as I think it is going to be I am going to get 2…please post when you get it please!!!

Conrad Lovett says:

Hi @amskater i have this same version i got it direct from the manufacturer, do have or have you experienced any issues when braking? when i ride my board if riding at the fastest speed and i hit the brakes sometimes they dont work and then if i switch to ECO mode the brakes will then work again.

It is an intermittent issue that occurs just want to know if you have the same issue or have experienced this before

Hugh Mungus says:

You’re my favorite out of everyone I’ve ever seen on Braille! (That’s how I found this channel, because I realized you had one when I watched you play stupid skate on the Nickel Board.)

Suen Gaming says:

i want to buy this board to did you buy it on and how many days was it before you got it

Anti Petrolhead says:

Walker is cute. Can you test this board up a steep hill if you have any in your area. The Meepo board failed this challenge against the Boosted Board. I still believe you don’t have to pay over a $1,000 to get a board that is right there with the Boosted Board ride and performance.

Austin Clark says:

I have this board and it totally awesome!! If you are thinking of buying an electric skateboard you should seriously consider buying this one. *no one payed me to say this.

Cloudroth 216 says:

Your videos should have millions of views! Keep up the awesome content my man.

AssHypnotized says:

Thanks for making a description as im not a native english speaker and didnt understand everything you said

Fabian Immler says:

Now it’s the third time you’ve changed the title of the video?!
Am I the only one to recognize that?!!

jerusdc says:

Cute kid! Can’t wait to get my Backfire board.

rrbSK8 says:

so cool haha i need one

Sup Dawg says:

thought it was KM/H , 25mph is insane holy shit. Wish I could justify buying one but in reality just cant 😀

Jamesbond Quinones says:

when are they gonna be on sale 100 less?

skater3246 says:

I was looking at getting this board for ages! I was first looking at the Buffalo F1 but then saw this one, Better specs at a lower price, I’ve had the site to it open in my tabs for a few days now aha, Didn’t know about the 100 off, Ill definitely be getting one on the indygogo when i can, Cheers for that man! Will be so useful for where i live!

McFly029 says:

Any updated info on when or if there is gonna be the $100 off you mentioned?

Reece Aleck says:

How much do you weight just for comparison ?????

Sean Thomas says:

Just ordered one in black & red! That kid is adorible btw! nice vid L:

Seth Bordelon says:

Awesome video dude keep up the good work

iSk8 4 says:

I had a go on an electric skateboard once, I love walkers helmet!

Diogene says:

COOL DUDE! Do they actually sell it on the backfire website? i was watching, looks like the site is under cosrtuction…
Can you ensure me i can buy one from there?

Gabriel Cabrera says:

u sound like cartman from south park

Isaac Maddox-White says:

Can anyone tell me if it takes long to ship from backfire’s website?

Mario Parra says:

Just came across this, Doug. Always enjoyed your parts on Braille’s videos and hadn’t watched any of yours before. Thanks for expanding into longboards/electric boards!

Chupatwo Chupatwo says:

your boy looked like he was having fun here, it was a very nice video doug 🙂

Bruh Bruh says:

What’s indiegogo

Kim Wong says:

That can not be your first ride where you said it. The wheels locked dirty as hell. Great video, maybe the light was very bright so……

leondre mcpherson says:


Dominik skidmore says:

You are awesome

boris kaganovsky says:

where can i get that board

Graham Murdoch says:

Can I have one pls

p00k says:

Strap his car seat to it =) That thing would be like a nascar.

nicotricks says:

Did you buy it on their website or somewhere else ?

Dylan says:

Now that you’ve used it for a couple of days, what kind of range have you gotten? Does it hold up to the 25km it said?

Ian Harwin says:

Fun video and I absolutely plan on getting one. Was wondering how long the battery lasts? Also, does the deck have good flex to absorb the bumps?

zhen zhu says:

hi mate wondering have you tested the top speed for flat surface? looking for a fast one, is 25 m/h reachable and easy to reach? thanks

Wora N says:

Very Nice

Mike Fas says:

Hey man. What do you weigh? I’m about 210. Wondering how it would be for me compared to you.

Blaž Horvat says:

Are there any new information when will a discount 100$ on Indiegogo be available? Tnx

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