BACKFIRE 2 Electric Skateboard | CHEAP Boosted Board Alternative

In this video, I unbox the Backfire V2 (Galaxy Edition) Electric skateboard and take it out for a first ride and review. This board feels very stable when riding, and is an excellent cheap alternative to the much pricier boosted board. What do you think of the $499 Backfire Electric Skateboard?

Find out more about the Backfire Board here:

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Evan Rowan says:

dope! Mine should be coming in soon. Can’t wait!

YourFellow Asian says:

Can u use this as a normal longboard?

mi cho says:

Meepo vs. Backfire

Comparison Videos please
And what board do you prefer

Duc Ta says:

Great video Ronnie, looking forward to the test for distance and how the braking handles. There was a FB page about a guy who’s brake connection must have failed and he got into a pretty serious accident, hopefully that won’t happen to you. The only scary thing about Chinese brand skateboards as opposed to a Boosted Board. Are you going to check out the Riptide Elite R1?

Raphael Antunez says:

Can’t wait to see more of the Backfire board!

Cameron Knezevic says:

looks like that guy pissed his pants

BoltonBornNbrad says:

That board looks awesome, I’m gonna have to invest in an electric board soon

The Bruce Allen says:

Always killer vids ronnie

Vlad Vavric says:

Hi does this board cheap to austria ?

Bjork3n1 says:

Subscribed, looking forward to the waterproof test 🙂

Freak prestige says:

Hey man, im looking for an electric skateboard thats around $150 (I know i cant get nothing very good) but can someone link me the best cheap alternative. I want one to go around my beach town. 5-10 miles on a battery charge at once. Im only 115 pounds so im very light. Please link me a cheap electric board that would be worth buying. Thank you and have an amazing night/day.

Edit: Are the Swagtron or Serpent-C worth buying? Two boards that im looking at right now.

Neil Ayala says:

What up Flip? Can you compare this to the Liftboard dual?

Eddie K says:

Met and rode with Ronnie recently.. i can assure that the backfire is pretty quick for a hub motor setup… and that’s coming from a boosted owner. Definitely a great cheap board to get you around.


One of the guys in our skateboard group page brakes went out. Needs surgery. The company got mad he posted about his crash on Facebook.

John Hood says:


Anti Petrolhead says:

I don’t get the whole squat down when they ride. Last time I tried that on my regular longboard it was extremely unstable and I felt unsafe. I can only imagine its a lot easier to tuck and roll closer to the ground as suppose to standing up.

Magnus Holmgren says:

just for the kick flip I’m subbing

Anti Petrolhead says:

In the future (near) can u do an electric skateboard comparison of longboards of comparable price. Not the usual $500 against a $1200. It’s not really fair.

Malek_2465 18.7 says:

Hi Ronnie I wanted to request another vid on more normal longboard tricks

Raymart Ranay says:

Great vid bro and nice edit 🙂 , are you a Filipino? and how much is the backfire board?

Alex Frenette says:

Great review man! I just received mine and did a review as well. Way less informative as yours but yeah! Keep up the great content!

mark cabiguen says:

do u recommend wearing a helmet with it?. cus i bought a helmet meant for motorbikes and was wondering if it was worth buying a expensive helment for the back fire

Oliver Steele says:

I want it so badly 🙂

Aye man says:


鄭雨成 says:

Can you make a video backfire2 uphill and downhill test ?

Austin Clark says:

-To anyone considering this board. Buy it! I have one of the first ones serial #599. It’s has been an awesome board for me. Much better than my first generation backfire, that thing gave me hell. I’ve put more miles and wear on this one and I’ve only had to change the PU wheels. And at like 400-500miles too. I bought mine off of alibaba but try and find a good retailer If you can, it will save you some headache if you have any questions or concerns and want to ask someone knowledgeable.. But it really is an awesome, cheap, plenty fast, well built board. I’m very impressed.

cristian mirabal says:

does it have All terrain options ?

Paul Alexander Marte Mercado says:

Lebron James on a bike LOL! you won a like just for that!


After I saw the brake failure story,& their response . No

Aarron stevenson says:

That slide was SICK AF!!!

Johan Jacobs says:

Should I make my diy electric skateboard drop through or top mount?

Legacy Wheelz says:

Ordered mine 3 days ago


Still a no from me & a bunch of the nyc crew.. I’m not speaking for them, just relaying our conversations.

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