ARC BOARD 2018 Review – My Experience with the Most Portable Electric Skateboard

This is my experience with Arc Board 2018 edition that packs a huge 40% more powerful motor in a small package.

Please watch at speed 1.5x – I’m still learning how to make videos and speak better!

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–So what do I like about the Arc Board?–

The first thing that really impressed me was its sleek design. The new all black look is absolutely stunning to look at.

Its narrow deck measures at 22 by 6.5 inches similar to a Penny board, but the 8 inch wide trucks add more stability. At only 8.5 lbs, the Arc Board literally weighs half that of the Boosted Mini. It’s compact design makes it easy to take on errands, strap to my backpack, or stow away in tight spaces.

The 2018 edition Arc Board is 40% more powerful. This pocket rocket is equipped with a single belt-driven motor. I weigh 230lbs and carry another 7lbs of gear, and its motor can easily push me up moderate hills with plenty of torque.

Another great feature is the kicktail. It allows for quick turns like a normal skateboard and if you run out of battery, you can simply kick push.

The breaks are amazing! They’re buttery smooth.

–Now let’s talk about some of things I didn’t like about the Arc Board…—

Given small size of the board, there’s a major trade off in stability. The board and wheels are just too small to ride at its max speed in busy urban environments that often have lots of cracks and potholes. You’ll need to stick to smooth bike paths or sidewalks if you don’t wanna fly off board.

For such a small board, the remote is too big and is not USB charged. It is powered by two double A batteries. You’ll also need a screwdriver to open the cover which can be frustrating.

The belt motor enclosure can sometimes hit the surface of the road, which can throw you off. That’s why it’s important to stick to smooth flat roads and not go too fast. I am curious if this is a common occurrence for all belt driven motors.

I think the *BIGGEST* feature this board is lacking is the ability to set the max speed. Unlike most electric skateboards, there’s no app or switch on the remote that lets you adjust the speed from beginner to pro mode.

Unlike the breaks, the acceleration is very sensitive. Since it has only one speed setting, 0-30 km/h, you have to be very careful with how to you pull the throttle.

Lastly, this is a minor complaint and more about shorter boards in general, but I found it annoying to have to bend my back to pickup the board. Taller boards made it easy to pop the tail to pick-up the board.


I personally treat this board more as a push assist. This is not something I’d use for long distances. But for quick errands, nothing can beat the convenience of having this board.

I think Arc Board team has done an amazing job building such a unique electric skateboard. If you are looking for the smallest form factor without looking ridiculous, I think the Arc Board hits the sweet spot between power, stability and portability.

That’s all for now! I will be posting updates about this board so subscribe to my channel to get notified. And if this review has help you find your next electric skateboard, please give me like and share your thoughts or questions down below!


C&D C&T says:

Love your videos man!

Oopsie Doopsie says:

damn you’re underrated. This channel is so high quality. Continue with this quality videos and I’m sure you’ll reach 75mil 😀

lurker782 says:

so an arcboard doesn’t reverse? no brakes?

Rubicon Unlimited says:

Heck ya John, nice vid. Great info!

Ned Trampz says:

that is cool. i wanna build a mini

Black Phillip says:

3:25 Most well-designed belt driven boards doesn’t have that problem. Only small boards.

Adam Sobkowicz says:

It’s funny that you mention the “Dangers” of having a reverse functionality instead of only brakes.
I came from a hub-motor Teamgee H6 with the same braking function as the arc penny to a boosted v2 and I thought about it in the same light.
After riding the H6 for 700km and my V2 for 1000km, I can confidently say that the reverse is so much better and convenient and I’ve never reversed by accident by slamming on the brakes or coming to a full stop.

Thought I’d mention that little bit in case you ever get other boards.

Solid review! I was definitely considering Arc before and this penny style e-sk8 would be the ultimate campus cruiser haha. Wouldn’t trade the boosted for anything though

Keep it up!

Robert Sterenchak says:

Cool video man
Just got a boosted mini x and the only thing that kinda bums me out about it is the weight of it.
This board seems a lot more portable.

Mike Cane says:


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