Acton Electric Skateboard Comparison | Blink LITE VS Blink S – unboxing & review

Acton Electrics Skateboards Blink Lite vs S unboxing review & comparison
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John Hill –
Justine –


Sony RX100 V –
Camera Case / Strap –
Bendy Tripod thing –
DJI Mavic Drone –
Sony A7S II –
Sony 70-200mm –
Most common lens on A7S –

My Shoes –
My Ray Ban Sunglasses –
Best phone accessory (back of my phone – pop socket) –

(this video was filmed with my rx100 V 5/19/17)


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dbkguy says:

Yea, not of a fan of the lite either. Seems to slow.

Colin Meyerson says:

I support John so I support you now. you da homie lol

Dilly Turbo says:

HOLY MOLLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!I I am literally trying decide if I should get the Blink lite, or the Blink-S. Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

Moisés Tirado says:

Are Sara and John dating?

Mataytay Ahmed says:

Ayyyyyyy three of my favorite YouTubers in one vid, all you need is Casey and Sam sheffer

Tim Simpson says:

I don’t think I can consider myself a real youtuber until I get my arse on a skateboard… as long as it stays on the skateboard…. 😉

dylan sousa says:

Electircs skateboards are great

Iris Bonet says:

Every few years I try to learn how to skateboard… one day I’ll get it.. hopefully before I’m 40 lol

Dryden Joss says:

how bout this? Which one is cheaper?

G-wiz says:

hey sara i got some beats if u need hit me

David Goncor says:


Michail Baroutsis says:

here is an idea. Riding those but one control each other’s board. Will be fun 😀

Hoang Tran says:

I bought an Acton Blink Lite because of you and I’m absolutely in love with it. Keep up the amazing work Sara!!

P/s: when do we get merchs?

kntwing says:


Miss Mangosteen says:

Peachy, I love your videos so much!

Natalia Osias says:

manual for days

Rahul says:

Hi Sara, I am a new vlogger from Dubai, I have been watching your videos for a month now. And now you are inspiring me so much, thank you, keep the good work up, by the way I recently hit 300 subs and its such a great feeling.

mundo sombrio says:

Have a race in the kkkk race

jimmy prudhomme says:

came here cus john hill hasn’t posted a video in two days , what the f john

kirdot2011 says:

If Sara is using thaat skateboard everyday, as she said it`s really worth investing in the quattro one

Drones and Electric Unicycles says:

@Sara wonder how long it will take to convince you to try an Electric Unicycle? It’s faster and handle those potholes at lot better.

KeenanRIVALS says:

John definitely broke the record for manual an electric skateboard

Lorenne :D says:


kirdot2011 says:

Those 21 dislikes are from people who think that Dietschy rhymes with screechy and preachy (in a negative way)

iol says:

Is the lite good for like 2 km trips?

Tom Krijnen says:

omg what does John put in his hair, like seriously.

Dryden Joss says:

Sara, I have a daily vlog so I understand how hard it is to continue to make great content, keep up the good work, it’s worth it!

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