Acton BLINK Lite: The Lightest Electric Electric Skateboard // Quick Review 2017

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Acton BLINK Lite

Who is Acton Global?

“ACTON is the leading smart, personal transportation company. We’re located in Silicon Valley, California. The goal of ACTON is to make transportation so fun and intuitive that it feels like a part of your body. We are reimagining the infinite possibilities in everyday personal transportation and invite you to join us on the adventure!

The Blink Series is our family of advanced and compact electric skateboards. Blink Board is the first board in our series, and is described by The Verge as “the lightest and cheapest electric skateboard yet. And it’s a lot of fun to ride.” We went one step further by delicately engineering an even a lighter electric skateboard, the Blink Lite, weighing at a mere 7.7 lbs. Our electric skateboards in the Blink Series are simply the most stylish and portable means of modern transportation.”

Acton introduced their BLINK Lite earlier this year with the intention of creating a light, but powerful board.

Acton BLINK Lite: The Lightest Electric Electric Skateboard // Quick Review 2017

Acton BLINK LITE: The Lightest Electric Skateboard

The Good

We always like to start with the positives, so let’s dive in with some of the Blink Lite’s positive points.

This thing is LIGHT (ironic I know), 7.7 lbs to be exact.

Right now it is definitely one of the lightest boards on the market. It’s a relatively small little deck, that is highly portable – you can even fit in a large holdall. You won’t have to worry about heaving around a large board in between rides, and you can barely notice the fact it is carrying a battery.

The design was well crafted. It has an old school look – the 80’s spring to mind – and the shape of the nose and tail combined with the neon wheels makes for a striking appearance.

The Bad

Unfortunately, when Acton sought to create this super mobile lightweight board it came with some limitations. It has a very limited speed of

It has a speed of up to 10 miles an hour, which is a little slow when compared to the fastest – or even mid-range – boards on the market.

And the charge will only take you five miles away from home, so people who are planning to ride more than that to get to work or go out will need to look elsewhere. Another issue is the torque. You will struggle to get up a hill with even the smallest inclines.

Another issue is the torque. Large inclines are a struggle for this little guy.


Regarding durability and longevity, this board is SOLID.

The board also allows for regenerative braking. This increases the longevity of the battery, and because of the board’s setup – it will last a long time. Because of this, maintenance costs can be kept to a minimum.

In fact, when you tie in the sheer toughness and durability of the board together, it actually makes a perfect option for kids, who are likely to have the odd bang or two while learning their skills.

Value for Money

So, the big question is – does the Acton Blink Lite provide remarkable value for money?

At $299, you can’t beat it. This board is amazing for that price.

Although the top-of-the-range boards will take you much further and allow you to travel faster, they are also triple the price. So if you are strapped for cash but want to check out an electric skateboard, you will be hard-pressed to find another option that offers so much value.

Throw in the durability factor, and it will be a board that lasts a long time.

Single Hub System
5 Miles Range
Approved for air travel
3 Ride Modes
Regenerative Braking

10 MPH
7% Incline Rate
Splash Resistant
Signature Safety LED Lighting
Wireless Remote Controlled


As we mentioned above, the Acton Blink Lite is a great little board for kids and adults alike. Because of the low top speed and rigidity, while turning, you won’t find yourself losing control too much, even after a few days of riding and getting used to the board.

The acceleration is pretty smooth, too, and if you are wary of the sheer power offered by more expensive boards, the Acton Blink Lite is a perfect starting point for beginners. It’s a trustworthy, reliable, and durable board that is highly portable.

Wrap Up

We were very impressed with this board! No, it’s not the fasted or has the longest range, but we loved this spunky board. It has flair and style that will make you want to ride it every day.

It’s perfect for college campus’s due to it’portability and ideal for kids first learning how to ride. Ultimately, if you are looking for a great value board that will last a long time without many maintenance issues, there is much to love.


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