600$ Electric Skateboard (Koowheel) Review/Teardown

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Thanks to Koowheelboard (https://www.facebook.com/koowheelboard/) for providing the tested unit.

In this video I will take a closer look at the 600$ Koowheel Electric Skateboard and test its specifications like the battery range and the maximum speed. Also I will have a look at its insides and tell you at the end whether it is worth the money.

2011 Lookalike by Bartlebeats
Killing Time, Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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Jesse Kehler says:

push the power button on the remote controller 7 times not the board

Retro Tech 100 says:

A balanced review, thank you very much.

Sigor says:

Yeah but it’s only 250w x 2 that is 4 times less than a boosted board.

GedaCrew says:

A true man of the people! Sticking it to the man with pure mathematics

Jaden S. says:

seems like the remote needs to be remade. Otherwise, it seems like the only other changes that could be made would just be to add more 18650 cells.

Tom Ward says:

Great review! Thanks

COMET212 says:

ive had my board since October 2016. Have been riding ever since in the rain and on cold nights. I take it to work and back daily weather permitting. Till this day it works perfectly. Speed Boost gets me up to 17-18mph @ 205lbs and I get a good 7-8 miles from full charge to low. Hits hills great and tackles NYC’s cracks, bumps, potholes well. Its a TANK of a board. Ordering the one with black wheels so I can have 2 boards. Aliexpress has them for under $550 New and Updated. I do recommend.

lenard ggor says:

its complete bullshit” i laughed so “hard

TheCraftingCriminals says:

Can you calculate the overall efficiency and the max voltage coming out of the esc to the motors and compare it to the higher end models

callmetito says:

I saw that you have to push 7 Times to unlock speedlimit. ☺️

Nikl003 says:

make a vlog

Vahe Iskandaryan says:

great review man

Oh no, you didn't! This causes cancer. says:

I really like your video and your style. Keep it great!

Hailstorm says:

You can buy a car for 600$

Toby Degroot says:

Can you do a video off the skatey 800?

Mak BarB says:

Great review, thanks!

Thunder o says:

That board is a peace of shit I have a evolve carbon gt can go 50km in distance and 50km top speed.

Zeljko Abci says:

Great video, man!

Gabriele Fiumicelli says:

I have a goolRC esc 60A but I don’t know how to configure it to function properly with arduino. I tried the metod in this video but it didn’t work.

Florian Weiss says:

You have to press it 7 Times…

AquariusEddie says:

Fantastic review. Thank you so much.
I would also like to hear your review on “GT CARBON SERIES STREET ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD”, please.

nightmare in action nighmare in action says:

you actually have to press the button 7 times I have a friend the weights 187 and has reached 23mph on his board

Kerry Cao says:

Please do a video to modify it

Jell Bro says:

Great Review and awesome board. One thing i don’t get is why aren’t e-boards fitted with a kicktail ?

Many turns [here] are straight angles, with kicktail they are easier to handle, just release throttle and kick.
I have the truck bolts as loose as possible but still corners are a bit too sharp 🙂

Len says:

It is possible to swap the default rotation of the wheels motor by the yellow, green, blue wire? Can’t find my multimeter to measure the voltage.

Anthony Steele says:

Hub motors roll like a normal skateboard 😀

Mr.RADical says:

maybe 250 but 600 Hundred srsly

Thomas Sireci says:

had my koowheels board for 3 months now n it still runs great. I must’ve gotten lucky cause I got a perfect functioning board with none of the problems mentioned in the reviews. Eigther I got lucky twice or they now have a better quality control before shipping. Like I said, I got 2, 1 for me n 1 for a friend but I went with a Genesis Hellfire since they’re made with all same specs ( really Genesis bought the first batch of boards Koowheel made n just re-branded them “Genesis..” But that was months of research ago looking for a board that would do at least half what it claimed but the bad reviews were out there making me hesitate but after I realized the videos I was watching were a few months old I figured the companies’ should’ve gotten it right by now n I was eigther lucky or right cuz both boards run amazingly well, are very smooth, n in turbo mode (hit power button 7 times in a row quickly then turn on the remote) it does 20-25mph and I ‘ve got awesome range out of both of them. Just last night I road for about 2-3hrs n measured a 12mile drive which left me with 2 out of 4 leds lit up but thats about when the board starts to slow down but it’ll still go a few more miles. 17miles is my farthest ride using different speeds n breaking to regenerate some charge in the battery at stop signs but I made the whole trip without having to push at all. I got myself 1extra battery but by the time the first one is low I’m too tired to go anymore. All I can say to all those on the fence about which board to buy, even though they’re coming out as fast as cell phones, have confidence in Koowheels who’s been around longer and have had the time to make updates n improvements responding to utube videos critiquing the original problems. One of the best aspects of these boards is the batteries are interchangeable n the boards are exactly the same but they have a sleeker look to them since the battery is so thin people can’t tell it’s electric cuz theres no bulky battery almost touching the street n its really quiet. That makes one less worry about its lifespan since the battery is so thin jumping off curbs n going over speedbumps doesn’t cause any scrapes or battery damage. Plus, Koowheels has an opperation inside the USA, I think in San Fran. so getting repairs shouldn’t take too long. I’ve been stuck at home enduring 4 back surgeries over the last few yrs but when I saw these boards for the first time I knew that’s what I needed to get me out the house and strengthen my core while I’m at it. These boards have changed my life n even people who were too cool for skating back in the day are amazed when they see my board n how easily I’m getting around while having a blast doing it n all want to take a turn….that’s why I got 2, I expected as much. This is one purchase u nor I will ever regret!!! T, : Key West, FL.

TheJman8695 says:

Great video and breakdown! Subbed

Seba Beattie says:

do you have a girlfriend?

Ye Bae says:

i got 1 of those bae and is pretty cool and I f.kin love it

Thang Nguyen says:

Seems like a great board for it’s price. China actually make good electric skateboards, scooters and hover board. I’m only worried about customer service. Sooner or later you will have to service the board, or replace some parts and i’m not sure if these sellers are reliable or not.

Jesse Swildens says:

Cool review of the board
only question are there laws in the eu like as well in gemany about electric longboards?

GCK says:

what kind of speedview program did you use ?

Anrods RC166 says:

511K subscriber, regards from the Philippines.

Anthony Steele says:

My koowheel is way faster than yours at least 20mph

StarCitizen Modder says:

GG. You should do this more often. since i learned a little bit of electronics thats what i like to do. see how much the product is actually worth because of what parts go in and how hard is it to recreate!

Urbanwae says:

you deserve waaaaay more views !

gixxer4646 says:

So how many km can go with this board, can you run it for 24-25 km range distance?

COMET212 says:

To unluck Speed Boost you rapidly press the power button 7x TIMES. NOT 6X. YOU PRESS IT 7X FAST.

Mayamenteur 2012 says:

Hi GreatScott, I have the same skate as you but i have a problem with the battery: two transistors were desoldered on the measurement circuit inside the battery. I tried to resolder it but after few meter, it the same problem, the current may melt the tin when I accelerate. Have you got an issue for that ?
I like your videos !

TechBaron, Cameras and more! says:

i looooove e boards

callmetito says:

Aaa fuck meee. I don’t get it about the batteries! Isn’t it 20 batteries in there? 10 pair of 2? 37 volt with 2150X5=10.7ah?
Looks like 4 lengths with batteries with 5 batteries in every length?

Carter Nichols says:

You press it 7 times to unlock it

sach m says:

will 410kv brushless motor work with the following specs
PROP – 15 x 8 
● Get 3600gms Thrust
Lipo – 6 cell 22.2V
ESC – 60 amp 
Power – 3600W
please reply.. I am sitting on this for sometime now

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