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LimeSqueeze says:

Why are people freaking out in the comments. I don’t get how people don’t see that Casey demands quality over price, if you’re gonna commute everyday all around the city, you at least wanna have something reliable. It’s an investment, not a toy

Chris Bodner says:

its $700 to pre-order

lightphobia says:

and now the price is even more higher

CaseyNeistat says:

i was super salty here. it’s an ok product. not good, but ok. it was their highest power model with the highest power setting, fastest setting. for 5 beans it’s an ok deal but it rubbed me the wrong way when i opened the box just how much they are trying to be a Boosted Board – why the same color scheme>? why the similar logo? why the same logo and graphic placement? beyond all of that my biggest criticism is that this thing did not inspire confidence when i rode it. i didnt have confidence in the brakes, didnt have confidence in the acceleration. after riding a boosted board this generic one felt unsafe. it’s ok to sell a lesser product at a vastly lower price but why pretend to be the superior product? just own it. there’s nothing wrong with being a hyundai

Juilus Preloznik says:

Idk why I’m watching this, I can’t afford either :/

Insanity. says:

BROOO You have to let me see your office one day the way you have boards hanging on the wall dude Im just now subscribing but im already a fan you are living the life I want and I gotta know how. Can you private message me somehow? I’d like to get to talk to you, im 17 and in upper west side. Hit me up!!!!

Caesar Benavidez says:

They will both get creamed from the inboard m1

MassDynamic says:

thugs smokin’ pot, look scary, stay away. that kid has a big, big backpack…

Roblox Play3r says:

casey, i think you mixed it up a bit with the prices there, wich was 1500? skate or boosted? you said ”$1500 electric skateboard”
the you put the 1500 on the boosted… im confused now…

Enzo M. says:

It could of made a slight difference that there was more/less weight on the juiced board.

HaleDynamics says:

Casey is tragically delusional, and every video proves that lol


I can’t even afford a bag of chips.

Generic White Male says:

youre on greenwich st. and charlton st.

Eyes Coffee says:

The Boosted is faster because it has a BELT.

JB Video says:

Dude – be honest with your audience and put up a disclaimer before your adverts.

Sir Edjuan III says:

So can you ride your boosted board in the streets of NYC legally?

AIKIGX says:

I feel sorry for Casey bci get a boosted board for 200$ on amazon

ochoaboyy says:

“this $1,500 skateboard”
*throws it to the ground*

Pinga Lord says:

This was on their indiegogo page:

Is it the fastest? No
Is it the most powerful? No
Does it have the best range? No
Is the technology out of this world? No
Does it offer exceptional value? Yes
Bang for buck, Juiced kills it.

We wanted to build a board we would love to ride, but also a board we could afford. Juiced delivers a fantastic ride, at an excellent price.

We are not claiming the BEST, but the Juiced board delivers!

yes man says:

Flex test? I dont see why you would want a skateboard to flex, idk

Dj Gabe Da'Moda says:

Great review!

Benny Pavone says:

since the video, the single went from 450 to 650 and the dual from 599 to 800.. womp womp.

Allah says:

If ever i saw someone on his booster board, i will push him and steal his booster board, let be honest guys who wouldn’t imagine doing that?

Mr.Kristian252 says:

What makes them so Expensive? Only custom trucks and motors to the wheels are the only high cost. If I had that, I would have made my own instead.

TheJammer765 says:

i love riding electric boards but I think they are sadly overpriced 🙁

jerusdc says:

Try the Backfire board next. Only $500 and better than that juiced POS.

DroneBeach50 Mavick says:

Juiced is the original electric skateboard

Brian Heffley says:

anyone know what shoes Casey’s wearing ?

timvolackbmxchannel says:

its not 450..

Austin Hsu says:

electric skateboard came long before boosted board started

Ctrl-Alt-Awesome says:

Both cost more than my two first cars

klarkolofsson says:

So, 599 boosted board review then you clickbaiting fudge?

Alan Hofman says:

I smell sponsor

KmaEoN says:

sam you’ve got my suscription thanks to your spontaneous shout out!

DjDice says:


Brigister says:

Why are yall so mad about this ?? he didn’t get half as salty about the small carbon fiber board so clearly he was only mad because juiced copied boosted board

fixeeg says:

Thanks about being honest about your ties to Boosted at the end

Le Leedler says:

Boosted board, the modified RC car that costs as much as a used car.

Penguingamer44 says:

i need to get one of the juiced boards idc how fast or quickly they accelerate i want one of these just to ride around a neighborhood xD

chiaretta86100 says:

their board went from 449 to 649 and from 599 to 799 after this video. tha’s unfair and tells what do they care about: money. They’ll stop customar care in an year after they take their money.

just this makes me think “ok, just wait until you have 1500$ and then get a boosted board”

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