$389 Electric Skateboard Review – Pomelo vs Landwheel Comparison

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The Pomelo electric skateboard apparently on sale for $389 right now. That’s kind of incredible! The Landwheel is out of stock, so I added a second option, just need to purchase the longboard separately. See you again soon!

Pomelo: https://goo.gl/SwYeYu
Landwheel#1: https://goo.gl/NHizkv
Landwheel#2: https://goo.gl/MU41uY

Dj Quads – Lovin
Dizaro – Summer Party
Dj Quads – Good Vibes


Cole G. says:

Man, Sweden has some beautiful scenery.

Down to a Science says:

that tree contrasts nicely with your garage.

LordDecapo says:

Your cinematography has improved so much over time! It was good before. But it’s better and better. Some of the best I’ve seen on YouTube recently.

CJ Markesteyn says:

Was that a Superhot reference? 5:43

Viktor Nicht says:

How about design and print a long board and then build in the Motor and the RC. This could be a mini-series, but for sure it would be super interesting and inspirating to watch

wickedstuffy says:

You make really good videos. Hope you get more subs, you deserve it! Regards from Norway 🙂

3d tech says:

10:30 3200 MAH battery…… hahaha my phone has 4000

Patrik says:

Får en viss Neistat-feeling i denna video 🙂


wait for 200K

Robert Pirlot says:

Sounds like you should just get a boosted board.

Kev's Projects says:

I can’t get enough of your drone shots!! Keep up the great content!

RCLifeOn says:

Love the music in this one! I can’t believe we are about to hit 150K, thanks so much!

Julio Oliveira says:

I see you are not in Malmö cause your stuff was still there when you got back. 😀

Eric says:

Nice music. Great effort on the drone video footage

Rolf Nilsen says:

Har du laget en video med den A.R Wing’en også? Fant ikke det når jeg søkte på kanalen din.

Har veldig lyst på en Parrot Disco, men de er for dyre. Et prosjekt med autopilot, GPS route planning osv basert på noe som ligner en A.R Wing hadde vært moro.

Rudi Hariyono says:

pengen punya ya allah….

The golde Ingot says:

So lucky with the drone

Daniel 123 says:

Prata svenska i en video snälla gör det

John Slavick says:

Awesome drone shots!

deDrones says:

Hi dude! I’m making also videos about drones and experiments (spanish) and I love your videos. Your image is very clean, the music sounds really good….big big like for you! happy 150k subs

Jimmy Scott says:

Nice ending shots

Nebojša Kamenčić says:

Does it get boring to move your printers around all the time?

Daniel Kezar says:

i know how you feel with it getting dark in 15 minutes….

Down to a Science says:

how do you get that “some time later” thing?

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