3 Weeks Later | 50+ Miles | Genesis Electric Longboard

Just a three week update on my Genesis Hellfire Electric Longboard!

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Nick Foster says:

*Genesis & Koowheel Comparison*
(Apparently they are NOT the same company after all)

*Koowheel D3M:*
-Unlocked speed is about 22+ MPH, Normal speed is 16 MPH
-A bit more water resistant than Genesis
-Range is about 10-18 miles
-Newer versions fixed the frequent disconnection problems
-Regenerative braking
-Wider deck, increased turning
-Amazing customer service
-Remote is simple and easy
-Can last multiple months
-Can be bought through Amazon, Aliexpress, & their website
-Risk of disconnection (old versions)
-Is big and heavy to carry
-After 50% battery the board slows down significantly
-More expensive than Genesis
-Nuts and bolts loosen easily
-Risk of battery not being able to charge at all
-I like the design of Genesis better, reminds me of a Boosted Board

*Genesis Tomahawk:*
-Unlocked speed is 20+ MPH, Normal speed is 15 MPH
-Cheaper than Koowheel by about $100
-Slightly water resistant
-Range is about 8 miles
-Less disconnection problems
-Regenerative braking
-Longer deck, more stability
-Remote is simple and easy
-I think the board looks better than Koowheel
-Bad customer service (like really bad)
-Board is known to stop working sometimes in a week to a month after opening
-Nuts and bolts will loosen easily
-Risk of battery not being able to charge at all
-After 50% battery the board will slow down significantly
-Is big and heavy to carry
-30 day return policy is void if box is opened
-Can only be bought through their website (or so I believe)

Roscoe Coltrain says:

seems like a real good board. Been wanting to save up to buy it. I’m thinking your low mileage might be because of your weight. you figure you weight about 180 and you’re carrying about 20-30 lbs of weight in your backpack, and their tests are probably run on a straight flat terrain so I don’t know.
I’d like to hear the rants of the guy you mentioned, could you tell me what’s his channel? thanks.

Jell Bro says:

Great review, thanks for sharing.
btw: Good thing it has swapable batteries.

Phreezyyoungchigga says:

this is a weird question, but can you cruise really slowly with the controller? I sometimes walk with my friends to/from class and i don’t want to leave them behind while i’m on the board lol

great vid by the way man

IanDaKorean says:

I am about 70-80 pounds, so i think i can go up to 20 mph on that board

urmaker says:

I have put about 100 miles or more on my newest one. Wheels are chipping a little (small rocks on roads). Still not bad at all. The guy’s trucks you were referring to were mangled too, though. He may have been doing some crazy stuff. I have the Tomahawk and got my wife the hellfire. Also picked up a couple batteries. Issue I have had is the screws loosening on the small silver plate with the two circle things that hold the battery in. Trying to find a right angles screwdriver that can fit. Nothing major at all. Great review man. Have fun at college!

Mike Powlas says:

I get 17 to 20-mile range. So it is not impossible. I have tested it and I found that you have to ride at an AVG of 8mph to get that far. The 7 times push of the power has done nothing for me. I have gotten 20+ mph from day one. Enjoy your rides to come.

Jorge Vasquez says:

you fall a lot or no

Warrior says:

Have to say I enjoy your channel no matter what you post

Gumption1111 says:

Got mine 3 weeks ago too but it’s been too cold to ridentify it much. Super fast though when you hit power button 7 times. Don’t ride it on rough terrain though.

Shawn Smith says:

This is a Koowheel.

HaroldCool GamingHq says:

When ur coming back to Minecraft videos

Ginger Prince says:

you should get a band for your wrist so you don’t drop your remote…

Such name says:

Is the Genesis board now the Magneto Electric Skateboard? Because if I goodgle search I cant seem to buy it anywhere. Like amazon like not even on amazon. And the Magneto board looks nearly exactly like that.

Q.T.π says:

I have the original koowheel brand, and its been holding up really well, I’m very impressed with the board indeed! However my only disadvantage is that it is fairly heavy aha

TheFilledk says:

to protect the wheels you can either put some Heat Shrink tubing on them, or take some old tire tube from bicycle and put it over the wheels 🙂
do you think this a possebility?

zach wasil says:

nice info but damn….stop moving around!

Tkmasta says:

I got csgo just to play with you

Philip Rosenthale says:

Hey bro, you have that dirty longboard on your duvet. That’s gross bruh.

gijs volker says:

bike ?
just buy a bike

Bastian Hertel says:

People should know that this Boards are just a Rebrand of NoName Chinese Product. Kowheel, Genisis, Magneto…all the same Boards, just renamed with private Labels.

GamerWolf_ says:

Is it $12

HELLSIES Gaming says:

This is awesome

Tkmasta says:

You should start posting Pokémon go

ThePurpleNapkins says:

omfg researching this skateboard and i run into the guy who i used to watch on minecraft. Did you own sabotage pvp?

Alpha Plays says:

how to to replace back wheels

Hello says:

Huge disconnection problems

Don’t buy it

Xx_J0keR_ForTy7xX Kessler says:

great video

Diefullah says:

Thanks for your review.

William Lawson-antwi says:

Hey bro, now that it is 2017 would you say this board is reliable and it still works or not?

Anthony Steele says:

As long as you walk around glass the wheels last

Bayard Taylor says:

Can u take on airplane

Alfred H says:

someone lost 5 pounds in 3 weeks :p

Telisto says:

don’t buy the swag board one its truly a piece of crap. I should have definitely gotten a genesis lol

Jin Kim says:

Mmmm, has bad reviews of it on Amazon.

ilias 2405 says:

how is this board so unknown

Kyle says:

Hey man if you turn on the controller, keep your board off then hit the power button on your board 7 times and it goes loads faster. EDIT: nvm I spoke too soon you already know.

Anthony Steele says:

I can’t source hub-motor-rubber-replacement-rubber-wheels anywhere

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