$200 Cheap Electric SkateBoard Review (Swagboard)

So guys today Amazon wednesday took a little different turn… I review the swagboard electric skateboard from swagtron. I own 2 and talk about why i recommend them for some people but not others!

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Filmed on Panasonic GH5

Colin Ross Production


Mark Holtze says:

Good review Colin. The sneak peak (propeller stick) looked good man. Can’t wait to see it with sound GO!

Pablo Aguilar says:

I like the skateboard thing that Peter McKinnon uses. It’s a board with a wheel in the middle that balances I don’t know if you’ve seen it lol but it looks fun to use. I don’t know what it’s called though :/

Nate's Film Tutorials says:

I see your using kit, how do you like it? I’m kinda thinking leaving direct links encourages more clicks. But you can always update kit.com. Decisions! 🙂

pardeep dhillon says:

Your peeps got you!.. We getting you a boosted board!..

PETER - Tech Review/ Vlogging says:

nice skateboard!!! i plan to get one for myself too

Roast Royce says:

Btw it breaks after a mounth

Andrew Archer says:

At 6’8″ and about 300 pounds I should be able to at least get to the end of the driveway. LOL! Looking forward to Friday!

pushREC says:

I tried the real boosted board at @fantasticalgamer ´s house last year and it was a blast. Never really tried skateboarding before but it was easy to get used to the boosted one 😀
Great video Colin keep it up! 😀

StellaFilms says:

This is really helpful any other cheapish electric skateboards?

LN Films and Tech says:

Great and honest video, just subbed. In the $500-$750 range the main interests seem to be the Riptide R1/R1Elite and the Carvon Exo coming off of Kickstarter/Indiegogo. You can also get a decent Acton board for paying a few hundred more. However, if you are looking for something that can be a real mode of transportation, paying a premium for something like a Boosted, Evolve, Metroboard, or Enertion Raptor is probably your best bet. Would love to see you review some sort of other board. I have a $400 board that I get 20 mph and 8 miles of range with. Anyway, there are many electric skateboard options and the two real upsides of the Swagboard are its price and the fact that it can be at your door a few days after you order it unlike many other board which can take months to ship.

Caden Coburn says:

Are you like a Casey neistat super fan

pardeep dhillon says:

Maybe your right…. haha dont worry by christmas you’ll be boostin…

Karl Schneider says:

The Meepo Board looks like a killer value. However the shipping is ridiculous.

Intentspring272 says:

The max load is 175 pounds, that’s why it can only go 2 miles

Gadget nut says:

they need to rig larger batteries on these.  Is it lithium polymer?

Ryan Hooper says:

Great Video Colin. I would highly recommend purchasing a Meepo Electric Board. $279USD + Shipping. The specs are amazing, just like a boosted board.

Look forward to a video with it 😉

Colin Ross says:

Hey guys I know this is a little different for an amazon Wednesday but thought I would give my opinions on a cheap option for an electric skateboard! Let me know your thoughts if you have ever owned one. Also sidenote the casey video is going to be posted this friday morning at 6AM CST 😀 so get pumped!

Anja Aleskari says:

Cool technology! I’ve only got a long board. How do you break with these? Also if you if you drop if or if you fall and it falls and tumbles will it still work?

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