10 Best Electric Skateboards to Buy in 2017 (Prices and Specs Reviewed)

The market of electric last mile transportation vehicles has recently exploded and they are appearing on every corner. Among the representatives of this vehicle family, are eSkateboards which are fun to ride and could serve as a fast and comfortable way of getting around the city. Just, pick up your remote, stand on the board and press the throttle. We welcome you to check out our list of the best electric skateboards that are on sale in 2017. Enjoy the ride!

If you are interested in purchasing an electric skateboard, you can save you up to $100 on these models:

Inboard M1: inboard.refr.cc/serhiit

Enertion Raptor 2: www.enertionboards.com/raptor-2-direct-drive-electric-skateboard/?setCurrencyId=2&afmc=sn

Skateboards and longboards reviewed in this video:

Inboard M1: inboardtechnology.com/products/m1-electric-skateboard

M1 has strict and aggressive design. It comes in pitch black color with bright red wheels. With the top speed of 24 mph you should be able to outrun cars on the streets with heavy traffic. The range is at 10 miles, it has regenerative braking and easily interchangeable batteries. The M1 weighs 14.5 pounds so could be easily carried around.

Boosted board V2: boostedboards.com/board/

This electric longboard is one of the most known around the world. The market price is average $1,299 and for the money you will be getting an e-board with 20 mph top speed and 20% max gradient. The range is set at 7 miles and full charge takes mere 60 minutes.

Mellow Board: www.mellowboards.com/

This manufacturer currently offers two ready to use longboards, however we prefer to leave out Mellow Board 4by4 from this review due to its whopping price of $3,300 dollars. Instead we will show the standard model that still costs almost $1,900. You will be getting premium German quality electric skateboard. It is super lightweight with scales showing just 8.6 pounds including the battery.

Lou Electric Skateboard 1.0-3.0: www.louboard.com/

Lou started to ship across the nation in May 2017 and has been getting incredible reviews. Its major difference from competitors is reduced length of 25 inches, light weight as low as 9.5 pounds, affordable price starting at $450. Lou is powered by one or two hub motors depending on the modification. It could be ridden like a regular skateboard when the battery runs out.

Enertion Raptor 2: www.enertionboards.com/raptor-2-direct-drive-electric-skateboard/

Raptor 2 is the most powerful direct drive electric skateboard on the market. The shipping started in May 2017. The retail cost is $1,300. The Raptor is equipped with dual R-Spec high performance hub motors that can deliver the top speed of 28 mph and insane hill climbing torque. 360Wh battery with fast charge technology ensures 25+ mile range.

Evolve Carbon GT: evolveskateboardsusa.com/products/evolve-gt-carbon-street-series

This electric skateboard has Formula 1 inspired design. Evolve Carbon is powered by the twin sensored brushless motors that drain charge from the 36v Lithium ion battery with custom BMS. Efficient power distribution allows the range of 31 miles. Evolve offers four riding modes: slow, eco, fast and GT. The GT mode guarantees impressive 26 mph top speed and 25% gradient hill climb.

Acton Blink S2: www.actonglobal.com/product/blink-s2/

S2 was built using premium materials like Canadian Maple and aircraft grade aluminum. The powertrain is represented by 2 Hub Motors with the total output of 1000 W. Acton is rather compact weighing 12 pounds, but at the same time powerful enough to climb 20% gradient hills while carrying a 250 lbs max load. It has affordable price of $999 and safe 18 mph top speed. Blink is equipped with signature LED safety lighting.

Leif eSnowboard: www.leiftech.com/product/leif

The ride on Leif is way different due to the unique wheel layout. It is equipped with four standard wide front and rear wheels and a set of rotatable casters that bring the board into motion and mimic the sensation of riding slopes. A pair of 2000W brushless electric motors allows you to achieve the top speed of 23 mph.

Z-Board 2: www.zboardshop.com/blogs/zboard/16561124-zboard-2-is-here

Z is one of the few electric boards that do not have a remote controller. On the front and rear ends Z board has pressure sensors and the riding is pretty self-explanatory. To accelerate and brake the rider will be using his or her own body weight by shifting it back and forth. The board comes in two modifications Blue and Pearl. Both use a 1000 W motor that can accelerate the rider to 20 mph, and the major difference is the design and range.

Marbel 2.0: marbelboards.com/

The Marbel 2.0 skateboard is one of the fastest, lightest and most range extended boards on the market. Marbel 2.0 can be pushed by foot when it runs out of charge. It comes in two modifications with single of twin drive that are priced at 1300 and 1600 respectively.


Gernhart Reinballern says:

u forgot linky 🙁

Paul de Rooij says:


Bee Stew says:

yea lemme just shit out 2 grand…smh

eddie martinez says:

enertion raptor 2 all the way .

Automotive Territory: Trending News & Car Reviews says:

Here are 10 awesome skateboards and longboards with built-in electric motors and battery packs. All of them can be bought right now. I have also found two great deals that will help you save 100 dollars on your purchase (links to deal pages are in the description). And finally, what is your favorite model?

Dre J says:

Lou has much less range than listed and also isn’t waterproof like they claimed. The S2 has multiple reports of broken hubs and trucks. Acton also has horrible customer service. The inboard isn’t worth the price with such low range. Mellow would be a great board if it was cheaper. The fact that it’s made in Germany greatly increases manufacturing cost. It also takes ages to reach you. KS backers have been waiting up to 2 years. DO NOT BUY FROM LOU OR ACTON. Jason from enertion is frustrating but the r2 is great.

I’d say top choices are betweeb Carbon GT/GTX, Boosted, and raptor2. Evolve for a fun, long ranged (AT) carvey board (double kingpins and deck). Keep in mind there are reported remote issues. Boosted for a reliable commuter (low ranged) board. Raptor2 for pure performance and speed.

Chen Ng says:

if your looking for a really good board should check out the xtnd board on kick starter. it only weighs 3.9 kg with the battery its a long board, max speed of 28mph and has a 12.5 mile range 😛 also its super slim n pretty kl

heres a link for the xtnd board

joshua kearl says:

If handles are a big selling point to you, you should not ride anything but your carrola to the McDonald’s fat ass

Kieran E-board says:

Hello dude, do you mind review my eboard, thanks! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rDU_Gr10wA&t=362s

Quang Yung says:

“eon” should be on this list. It’s way more affordable and can be put on any skateboard deck. At around $700.

dougalsii says:

Miles per hour has the same amount of syllables as MPH and the M cannot be confused for meters.
But VW (Vau Weh) is longer to say in English (vee doub’le-u) than Volkwagen, so I don’t know why some people bother to spell it out.

Shatterizer70 says:

Forgot Xtnd Board $1,000-1400
Forgot Qu4tro $1,100-1400
Forgot Max-C $299 on Idiegogo or $558 for TWO boards!…https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/max-c-your-first-electric-skateboard#/

Johnson Yu says:

Can anyone tell me which is better between the Boosted Board V2 Dual+ or the Carbon GT 2 in 1? I am deciding which to get but I can’t choose which one is more worth it overall. Thanks!

Hafiz Sofia says:

Stupid channels, how many ads you put in this 10min video,, dislike!

Double D says:

loving my Haloboard carbon fiber addition. hub motors way better than belt

Luke Testa says:

only I would ride here are the Mellow and Boosted (I’ve tried 6 or 7 different boards myself). and Jed boards arguably beat them both..
2/4wd direct drive
35km/h+ top speed
30km+ range from user swappable Tesla power pack
smart encrypted remote
2 year warranty

fred_ed 92 says:

great comparison

EL KOREANO 360vids says:

everyone sleeping on metroboard. it may look tanky but you won’t be replacing parts as often as the other companies.

Jack Wood says:

Hmm I think it is way more fun to build! good video though

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