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Experience a connection to the streets when skating with the Rollerblade Maxxum 84 Molded Fitness Skates for Men! Using a vented hard shell boot, the Maxxum skates are a great choice for any level of skater that wants a quick but highly maneuverable. Suitable for fun, fitness, and urban travel, these skates come outfitted with […]

UPDATED RANKING ►► Disclaimer: These choices may be out of date. You need to go to to see the most recent updates to the list. Our complete review, including our selection for the year’s best inline hockey skate, is exclusively available on Ezvid Wiki. Inline hockey skates included in this wiki include the […]

The most common approaches to rockering your inline hockey skates and the reasoning.

About one year and a half ago i tried Triskates for the first time and since then they are the skate i take with me every where i go. WHY? well, in this video i´ll give you my explaination. Also in this video you will see what JOEY MCGARRY (from mushroom blading), ANDREW SCHERF, NEIL […]

These are the K2 Front Street. They cost around $200 US. They’re the original soft boot skate, and are the great grandchild of the K2 Fatty, the classic aggressive skate from the late 90s. They’re UFS and come with K2 Unnatural frames including 8 58mm wheels and ABEC 5 bearings. The frame hardware can support […]

Join me as I unbox my first pair of aggressive inline skates in 15 years. I also hit up our local skatepark to test them out. ————————————————————————————————————- My Camera Gear Panason Lumix GH4 – Metabones Speed Booster XL – Sigma 18-35mm Lens – Apple iPhone X – Social Media’s Twitter: […]

to win a pair of GBOOTS: 1- follow my instagram: 2 – subscribe to this channel: 3 – follow G boots instagram: 4 – leave a comment in this video saying why YOU SHOULD BE THE WINNER 5 – the winner will be announced on G BOOTS Instagram . ———————————————————————————————- I got […]

Powerslide Swell Ultra White 110 fitness inline skate – Rolling Review – 510016 – Powerslide SWELL ULTRA WHITE 110. Elegant efficiency. The Powerslide SWELL is a revolutionary inline skate specially designed for intense fitness training. The Powerslide Swell Ultra White 110 features a reworked shell with flex cuts in the ankle area and RECALL fit […]

FR SKATES FR1 310 review. This is a review of the 3 X 110 mm triskates by FR Skates. #FRSKATES #TRISKATES #110mm Please note I have no affiliation with FR SKATES or any inline skating company for that matter. The opinions in this video are my own. I bought these skates with my own money […]

The new ‘Adapt Hyperskate GTO Speciale’ inline skate is reviewed by City Skater Bill Stoppard. Get a close up look at Inline skatings most stylish ‘super skate’. GTO Speciales – Front wheels 84mm back are 90mm, all are 90a hardnes. Adapt HyperSkate GTO Speciale is from Support Inline Skater Bill Stoppard’s channel here: […]

Practical advice on how to avoid foot pain from inline skating a.k.a. rollerblading. In short, don’t be lazy, open the boot tongue all the way to avoid ‘jamming’ your arch.

Thinking about buying new skates? We guide you through the most important things you need to consider when buying your first pair of recreational or fitness inline skates for both women, men and kids. A beginner’s buying guide taking a quick look at the following topics: – Intro – Wheels – Bearings – Soft-boot vs. […]

About three years and a half ago I tried Triskates for the first time and since then they are the skate I take with me everywhere i go. but are they perfect? also, watch this video // WHY TRISKATES ? THE LATEST GENERATION INLINE SKATE: Support The Lino Life: Triskates , what’s worst […]

I compare small and large rollerblade wheels. Basically it’s a trade-off between: * Your size * Your skills * Skate style * Surface I explain why I prefer 100mm wheels and show when/why/for whom smaller skates may be preferable. I also reference the triskates videos. It’s important to consider triskates versus traditional four wheel inline […]

This was my first ever experience with SUV skates. i was trying the powerslide KAZE SUV skates, and i know a lot of people are curious about this skates i though of sharing my first experience with the people subscribing to my channel. i have to admit, it feels different, but these skates are supportive […]

The 5th Element ST 80 Urban Inline Skate features 80mm wheels and ABEC 7 bearings. The ST 80’s are perfect for that intermeiate to advanced skater looking to progress. Check out the skates here:,default,pd.html

The Powerslide NEXT is the first Hardboot Trinity skate on the market, is it good? well, watch this video and check what I really think about it. I hope you enjoy this video and SUBSCRIBE to this channel: Powerslide NEXT Inline Skates REVIEW Support this channel by using code “lino” at : […] – inline skates store in the USA (Micro, Rollerblade, Seba, Hyper, FR brands). Hey guys! Our team mate Alexey Khoroshko that right now also a team member of Micro Skates made a video review of his model – Micro SR Skates. Camera man: Andrey Potupchik (our new young marketer, of course he is also […]

Jon Julio’s long awaited Them Skates are now available, and we got a pair of the boots. Watch us unbox the boots, do some measurements and comparisons to other skates, and set them up for a session later this week. Them Goods – Oak City Skate Shop – 50/50 Frames – * […]

In this Inline Warehouse Learning Center we go over the basics of how to size and what type of fit to expect with your inline skates. For more information, visits our website:

Powerslide One Bronx 100 urban inline skates – Rolling Review – 880230 – Powerslide One Bronx 100 – the first 3-wheel freeskate on the entry level market. The Powerslide One Bronx 100 is a great value freeskate. However, we have brought the Bronx into the modern age by adding a 3-wheel frame. This is the […]