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The Baffle was home grown by simply asking our riders, “what do you want in a brick?” As riders ourselves, it’s important to to understand how to push our equipment further. Sit down for a Longboard BoardGuide Review with Original Team Manager, Sean Kolvenbach, for a look at the Baffle 37: a wider, longer longboard […]

Subscribe here: The Pomelo electric skateboard apparently on sale for $389 right now. That’s kind of incredible! The Landwheel is out of stock, so I added a second option, just need to purchase the longboard separately. See you again soon! Pomelo: Landwheel#1: Landwheel#2: Music: Dj Quads – Lovin Dizaro – Summer […]

The slalom training is fully on! Many riders, many starts and a lot of action!

Remember Calum Yardley’s KnK video where he sent it down the Bear’s Guts track on a cruiser board? Well he’s still rolling on short boards, but this time on his new Hi5ber slalom board with an 18” wheelbase and 170 mm trucks down one of his favorite local spots near Alicante. Rider & Edit – […]

HELLO everyone, welcome back for another video 🙂 thanks for watchingggg another video coming up this week, make sure you subscribe to not miss the video ily all sm 🙂

This version of the Seba FR1 80 Urban Inline Skates has been changed slightly to produce an all black colorway of Seba’s most popular skate model. The FR series is the main stay of the Seba’s lineup and a popular choice for freestyle, dance or slalom skaters with it’s improved shell design that has a […]

lectric longboard review (cheap electric skateboard)

Huge thanks to Landwheel for sending out this board for me to review and for sponsoring this video. This is one of the fastest electric skateboards I’ve ridden with a max top speed of 28mph, swappable battery, and the ability to turn and skateboard or longboard electric it’s definitely one of the most versatile boards […]

Another budget board option. There are so many choices out there but it really comes down to personal preference and how much you are willing to spend. Buying an electric skateboard is similar to buying a car tho… you get what you pay for. Sorry for the last minute correction. Check out the Yeeplay site […]

Electric skateboards are amazing machines for transportation, freedom and fun. There are many, many different models of electric skateboards, and the question is; which one should you and I buy? We’ve put together this video to share our picks (after a lot of research and testing) for the best electric skateboards, the cheapest electric skateboards, […]

The Arbiter DK is a go to all around board built to shred ramps, hills, streets, curbs, skate parks, parking garages, downhill, sliding, or anything else you wanna hit. Sit down for a Longboard BoardGuide Review with Original Skateboards Team Rider, Tom Weiss, for a look at the DK :a symmetrical, versatile deck with the […]

The real HONEST Doop Urban 2014 review that nobody bothered to make for some reason… This video offers detailed insight on many aspects of these interesting and convenient skates along with highlighting of pros and cons, PLUS actual performance review video on tough asphalt ground with cracks, loose pebbles, and a bit of rain. Overall […]

Kids tries out the razor jets down a hill kinda cool!!! shoe roller skates down a hill how fast will he go and will he wreck?

A full and thorough review of the 2017/18 K2 Uptown Inline Skates, from their specifications to their performance and my personal opinion on them. SPECIAL THANKS TO

Brazilian team rider Bruno Silva de Oliveira (AKA “Bruninho”) shows off his hybrid slalom skills from an interesting new perspective! Learn more about Abec11 Wheels @: Want more!? Follow us on social media: Film: Andre Fuchs Edit: Michael Alfuso Music: “Dragons” by Caravan Palace

Here is the link for the longboard: or u can buy the board at the store instead of online if u guys don’t like waiting. 😂. Update the longboard bearings spin longer now because they’re broken in after 2 weeks of riding it.

This is the fourth electric skateboard I’ve owned and by far the best. 26mph top speed, 30-mile range, off-road capabilities, integrated battery, 3.000 watt motors… it’s unbelievably fun and bombs up hills like a freaking monster! I had been looking into getting a Boosted Board, but after the battery issues they’ve been having I ultimately […]

Shop Now: The 2017 Bauer Vapor 1X ice skates are the top-of-the-line model in the Vapor line and will give players a pro level of performance, comfort, and durability. Vapor skates have a tapered fit, which means they have a snug fit in the heel and a standard fit through the forefoot. Bauer Vapor […]

Lou Skateboard Kickstarter – Subscribe for new videos! – (this is NOT a sponsored video, they just sent me the board) #NoSleepTeam Shirts, Hoodies and Bracelets!! – Subscribe to my tech YouTube channel – Follow me! Snapchat – Twitter – Instagram – Facebook – Website – […]

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▶️ The Best Outdoor Roller Skates For Adults We recommended In This video ▶️ 5. Bladerunner Inline Skate by Rollerblade Advantage Pro [Affiliate] ▶️ 4. XinoSports Adjustable Inline Skates [Affiliate] ▶️ 3.Otw-Cool Adjustable Inline Skates [Affiliate] ▶️ 2. Linear Inline Skates for Adults [Affiliate] ▶️ 1. Rollerblade Zetrablade Men’s Adult Fitness […]

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